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Max Coverage Orchard Services

Artificial shelters/windbreak Artificial covers

We are experts in designing and building artificial orchard protection structures and windbreaks that allow your orchard to reach its full growing potential.

High Quality Structures. Latest Technology.

Quality workmanship

Max Coverage provide a range of orchard protection manufacturing and design services including artificial orchard shelters, windbreakers, overhead canopies, bird and rabbit proof structures, and fast tracks.

We are highly experienced professionals and we stand by our work. Our structures are built to last with the latest technological advancements in the industry.

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Orchard Protection Services

Designed and installed specifically for your orchard. We take care to ensure all aspects of your orchard are protected.

Our capable team leverage machinery at our disposal to completely cover your orchard from overhead. Great for keeping birds out.

Bird and rabbit proof netting and structures are a must to ensure you maximise your investment. Give us a call today.

We Have You Covered

Artificial shelters, overhead canopies and orchard netting are a proven and cost-effective solution to provide protection from wind, animals, and other unwanted dusts and sprays.

Our shelters can be used for horticulture, commercial properties, sports grounds and other privacy or protection applications.

Orchard Protection Services